IONA Program

Building Your Skills Together: 

The IVC’s Integrated Organization Network Analytics (IONA) Program 

This program provides an enhanced experience for agents, prospected clients, and affiliates in order to produce higher volumes of business and transactions. Agents benefit from passively gaining a steady book of business and a solid referral system.  Everyone within our organization and sister companies are invited to join us in this most propitious journey. 

Program Highlights 

  • All Kensington agents can participate in this program 
  • Keys to this program 
    • Be part of a safe Social Group (SG) that interacts and participates in cohesive prospecting 
    • Derive strategies and processes to build an effective book of business and extensive system of referrals 
    • Achieve the knowledge to become a producing agent in the Real Estate industry 
    • Expedite the bridging of earning income early in your Real Estate career
  • All agents can sign up to spend time prospecting with the IONA Corporate Asset Sales Agent (CASA) and Developmental Team Lead (DTL) & Designated Broker (DB) Social Groups to hone their skills and build a pooled client list quickly and effectively 
    • The CASA directs agents to pull a list of leads to call. The list is then classified and scrubbed against a third-party integrated system and other brokerage resources to determine the highest efficiency prospects to call for the agent and their SG.
    • Potential clients are categorized by factors of value and targeted marketing data so you can understand their values, desires, and marketing behaviors 
    • CASAs host the call session on the online platform to provide agents with in-call assistance to help convert the potential client. Agents start building their client pool whether they make the calls or simply attend to watch and learn from the CASA.  
      • This is a virtual prospecting program—prospect with the SG from your own home using the online platform 
    • DTL/DB provide the guidance and coaching for adverse situations and laws, and share their years of transaction experience to suggest strategies for client attainment 
    • Once a lead is procured by the agent or CASA and actively being worked, it is kept and worked within the SG to maximize closing ratios for the agent.
    • A referral system is in place to provide everyone in the SG with recognized income upon closing.
  • Agents who excel in this program will close more transactions and close them faster, because:
    • Their knowledge base is stronger 
    • Their support system is stronger 
    • Their time to success is shorter 
  • Agents taking advantage of this program will quickly gain loyal groups of clients who will consistently refer business to them