Dual Gap Program

Starting Your Career as a Part-Time Agent

Kensington’s Dual Gap Program

Program Highlights

  • Part-time agents work with both the Designated and Managing Broker to learn the craft of real estate
    • Agents will be trained and supervised by the Designated Broker for contractual processes, and trained by the Managing Broker for marketing and client procurement processes
  • Manage transactions from prospecting to closing
  • Earn a higher commission if you find the client
  • Use your training time wisely
    • We offer customizable training schedules developed using correlation coefficients to focus on your strengths and address your weaknesses
    • Use our platforms to communicate with your Designated and Managing Broker, administrators, other agents, and to access supplemental materials
  • Benefit from regular performance and transaction assessments
    • Each transaction is evaluated by the Designated Broker using our Broker Assessment Form
      • This form determines program placement within the traditional programs and is part of the analytic used to determine fit with Kensington’s other, non-traditional programs
    • Build upon the feedback provided by the Designated or Managing Broker to make you more proficient in becoming an agent
  • Access the Kensington Financial Calculator to run scenarios to determine how your prospecting efforts will benefit you


The Designated Broker, Managing Broker, and Dual Gap Broker all receive a percentage of the 90% Dual Gap commission split, determined by which agent procured the client.

  • 40% of the total commission will be paid to the procuring agent
  • 25% of the total commission will be paid to each non-procuring agent