Leadership and Administrative Team


The leadership and administrative team of Kensington is dedicated to making sure that Kensington Real Estate provides the best service from the best brokers for the best value to you. If you ever have a concern or have a question you do not know the answer to, please contact them. They will be glad to help.


Jim Burrage

Development Broker
I'm a military veteran, and also spent a career in Law enforcement, fire dispatch and 911. Now I apply the standards of loyalty, integrity, and honesty learned in those fields to real estate. I am your real estate guy. I believe in customer service and accommodation to your needs. Call me and let me help you with your real estate needs.

Chris Haley

Development Broker

Derrick Benn

Development Broker
As a Washington broker, it is my duty to provide selfless service to my clients here in the PNW. I'd enjoy helping you make educated decisions when it comes to buying and/or selling homes. When you choose me, you'll find that you've chosen a knowledgeable, trusted advisor. 

John Hooker

Managing Broker

Kyle Kosak


Jodi Marasco


Julie Tran