Kensington Training Programs

Learn on Your Terms—Earn the Respect of Your Peers

Kensington Real Estate provides training in various formats to ensure that when life gets in the way, you can continue to grow.

Our Managing and Designated Brokers provide customized training to new agents during the Income Gap program in order to make brokers proficient in not only marketing, prospecting, and gaining clients, but also in:

  • Contracts
  • Forms
  • Laws
  • Timelines
  • Negotiation

When you are completely trained in the Income Gap program, you have the experience to use real estate processes to advocate better for your clients and build your reputation as a well-respected agent.

Learning on Your Own Terms

  • When you onboard, we will combine your personality assessments and individualized training needs with our proprietary coefficients to customize a training program for you
  • Kensington Real Estate uses the Microsoft Teams platform to house resources and materials to help you become a stronger agent
  • Microsoft Teams also allows you to attend trainings virtually from anywhere
  • If you miss a training, Microsoft Teams allows you to access what you missed from the archived training library
  • As always, when you have any questions, you have 24/7 access to your Designated and Managing Broker, full time dedicated Administrative staff, as well as Kensington’s proprietary Knowledge Center in the Welcome Center when you have questions

The Kensington Difference: Shared Transactions and Applied Transactional Knowledge

You are never alone, especially when you begin your career at Kensington. While training in the Income Gap Program, your transactions are shared with your Designated Broker. They bring their collective transactional experience to ensure a successful close, and through information sharing in Microsoft Teams, the transaction serves to jointly build and enrich the knowledge of the entire brokerage.