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Why Kensington?

Many of the brokers who join Kensington tell us that they knew they wanted to work here because the atmosphere of the brokerage was different from the other brokerages that they had visited. At Kensington, we believe that real estate should not be a transaction-to-transaction job where you are left to sink or swim but should rather be a vehicle for personal, professional, and financial growth.


You Are Never Alone

You will always have a line of support in the senior brokers who mentor you as well as in the managing and designated brokers who will work to make sure that you have the training and resources that will help you build your success. This support begins with the Mentor-based New Broker Training Program, where newly licensed brokers work alongside current brokers and the Managing or Designated broker to learn the art and craft of buying and selling real estate. For those who wish to learn how to manage brokerages, the Managing Broker Track Program will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to successfully build the Kensington brand as it expands over Western Washington.


Looking for a New Place to Hang Your License?

If you already have your license or if you want to be a traditional broker, we have programs for you. Let your recruiter know what your goals are and let us see what we can do.


Keep More of Your Money

Kensington Real Estate also does not charge any fees in almost all of its programs. There are no desk fees, no technology fees–Just come in, get to work, master your craft, and get paid. If, however, you are looking for a high-split, fee-based program, let us know.


Not Already Licensed? No Problem!

Kensington Real Estate begins providing support as soon as you contact us. We offer many options to help you prepare to take the test. We provide seminars and workshops to help provide a space for you to become familiar with Kensington as well as work on your coursework.


Additionally, we have a JBLM-approved program that helps soldiers transition back into civilian life by shadowing and assisting a licensed broker.


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