Broker Documents

Transaction File Forms

Transaction Form

Compliance Checklist – Purchase

Compliance Checklist – Listing


Pamphlets and Disclosures for Clients

Agency Law Disclosure

Mold Moisture and Your Home Pamphlet

Lead Based Paint

Tacoma Side Sewer Notice


Sellers Packet

1. Instructions for Listing Packet Procedure

Left Side 2 & 3. Seller Needs Analysis & Seller Feedback Request

Left Side 5. Authorization for Homeowners Quote

Right Side 1. Home Selling Guide Cover

Right Side 2-15. The Home Selling Process & Sellers Action List

Right Side 16. Title & Escrow Fee Breakdown

Acknowledgement of Receipts for Listings


Buyers Packet

Instructions for Buyers Packet Procedure

Home Buyer Cover

Home Buying Process

Title and Escrow Breakdown

Benefits of Home Ownership

Home Inspection

The Don’t of Buying a Home

Buyers Agency Agreement

Insurance Information Release – Quote

Home Warranty Brochure

Vendor List

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Docs


Listing Short Sale Documents

Left Side 1. Listing Index

Left Side 2. Short Sale Listing Process

Left Side 4. Needed for Short Sales

Left Side 5. Hardship Sample Letter

Left Side 8. Third Party Authorization

Left Side 9. Freddie Mac Homeowner Assistance Form

Left Side 10. Short Sale Affidavit

Left Side 11. Form 710

Left Side 12. Form 4506t-ez

Left Side 13. Form 4506T

Left Side 14. Form Non Owner Occupant Cert

Left Side 15. Chase Short Sale Full

Left Side 16. Bank of America Third Party Authorization

Left Side 17. Buyer’s Disclosure Addendum

Left Side 18. Bank of America Short Sale Addendum

Left Side 19. Indy Mac Short Sale Package

Right Side 1. Short Sale Advisory


Buying Short Sale Documents

Left Side 1. NWMLS Form 22SS Short Sale Addendum

Left Side 2. NWMLS Form P5 Short Sale Disclosure

Left Side 3. NWMLS Form 35E Escalation Addendum

Left Side 4. NWMLS Form 11 Referral Agreement

Right Side 1. Short Sale Buying Index

Right Side 2. Short Sale Buying Process

Right Side 3. Short Sale Buying Graph

Notice of Trustee Sale


Other Forms

Broker Accountability Tracker

Weekly Schedule Spreadsheet

New Broker Interest Form

Sign and Lock Box Request Form