About Us

When Kensington was founded we had a vision; an indomitable purpose and a strong desire to bring hope and opportunity to a desolate industry and the consumers impacted by the industry. A consequence that was spawned from irresponsibility, greed and the profound willingness to sacrifice knowledge, hard work, and accountability in favor of thoughtless, rapid upward mobility driven by the immense insistence of the importance of placing value on monetary intent.

Our mission has never ceased. Through steadfast dedication we have perpetuated an education and knowledge system that produces some of the most knowledgeable brokers one could find. Through this knowledge base, spanning over two decades, we house brokers that can make even the most arduous and stressful moments in life seem refreshing and exciting! We know that with our community, knowledge and unwavering professionalism that whether buying or selling, your needs as the family and client are paramount and first priority.

Kensington Brokers maintain many core values in the approach to working with individuals and families that are entrusting their very livelihoods to the Broker with faith that we at Kensington place their values and needs above our own. Our leaders know that individuals and families we are helping are more important than ourselves, and we cannot abandon that trust and belief. We strive every day to uphold courage, dedication, loyalty, integrity and commitment beyond reproach.

We stand humbled at the trust and faith past and current clients have given us.  We are excited to welcome future families and individuals to Kensington. We are waiting with anticipation and elation to see the happiness and growth of all people and communities as we forge this industry into the ever evolving future.